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Some useful development plugins

Posted @ 6:39 am by Alex Kaplinsky | Category: Community & Social Media, Digital Marketing, Technology, User Experience | 0 Comments

Here are 2 useful plugins I thought I’d share.  We’re incorporating them on a few sites, and I thought I’d share.

Solving multiple image uploads
First up is image upload. Uploading images one by one is a pain, and reordering and so forth is not always easy.  This control allows you to upload images and reorder them, and provides a host of others features. It is the default image uploader of Facebook. We found it to be pretty easy to use and implement.  The only problem is you have to allow it to have access to your file system, which might deter some users, but it is worth it overall.  It has support for ASP.Net (C#, VB), JSP, PHP, Perl, Python, ColdFusion, and Ruby.

Leveraging existing contacts in webmail/outlook/social networks

This nifty app lets you invite your friends from most of the common social networks: MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Orkut, Hi5, and Xing.  It has support on the server side for PHP, .Net, and Java, so it can be used on most platforms and you can invite your friends in these networks through their built in engines. You can’t import these people, though, as their email address is typically not exposed.

Next is their importer, which allows the user to put in their webmail account information and passwords and retrieve all of their contacts (typically for importing into the users contacts folder in the app you’re writing).  You get emails, etc. of all the people they have stored there.

Finally, they have an Outlook/Thunderbird importer, but it makes you walk through an export process, which is not ideal.  I am still looking for an out of the box Active X Outlook importer that skips this step.

The drawbacks are the interface (which could use lots of work) and the roughness of the Outlook / Thunderbird integration.

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