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HTML Based Sitemap

Posted @ 3:35 am by Alex Kaplinsky | Category: User Experience, Web Development Process | 3 Comments

I have been meaning to get back to doing an HTML-based sitemap recently. I found one I liked online at:

I took it and adapted it, and it can be found at

The guts are pretty much the same, but I did the following:

a) Added numbering the way I think it should be done on site maps

b) Created a sample “small business” hierarchy, which is valid for very many websites

c) Added links the way that I think a sitemap should be linked — in development, they can be linked to comps, shell pages, and then final pages. For next time, I will add a status indicator — probably the color on left will change when a page has not been started, in progress, and ready for review.

d) Added a “legend” at the top

e) Added header / footer links, as most sites have these

3 thoughts on “HTML Based Sitemap

  1. Yusuf says:

    This is brilliant Alex

  2. hans says:

    that looks great, I’ve been lookng for something like this.
    But how do i ‘import’ an xml- sitemap into this?

  3. A. Kaplinsky says:

    I haven’t done it, but you could pretty quickly write the XSL to transform your XML into HTML.

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