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Of Well Designed Bread

Posted @ 2:58 pm by Adam Brill | Category: User Experience | 1 Comment

We don’t usually think much of “breaking” bread with friends and family. Between tinkling glasses, interesting conversation and passed salad bowls, the lowly loaf of bread is often overlooked. It sits there, surrounded by crumbs, waiting to be tossed away when stale. But not all loaves are created equal.

Modeled after a stalk of wheat, pain d’epi offers an experience far different than the usual baguette. Rather than a hunk of bread that must be torn apart or sliced in advance, pain d’epi consists of conveniently sized segments that are easily broken off. A perfectly sized portion is available for everyone around the table. When served at a restaurant, this ingenious design avoids waste. Rather than a single loaf for every party, servers simply break off the required segments: two for the couple in the corner, four for the family by the window, and a full loaf of eight for the party in the back room.

It’s usable bread, perfectly suited to its task.

We notice things like this at SolutionSet. It’s the sort of attention to detail and usability that we bring to all of our projects. And, of course, we like to eat.

One thought on “Of Well Designed Bread

  1. Great post, Dave! It reminds me a little bit of the “all edges brownie pan.”

    Nice to see form following function, eh?

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