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Tips for Selecting a CMS

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SolutionSet specializes in extending company’s brands to the web. For most of our clients, this means more than creating a static website with a few pages of sales copy and the occasional press release. Our clients want their websites to reflect the constant innovation and dynamic nature of their companies. They want their customers to see and participate in their company’s evolution.

To that end, most of the websites we build today employ a technology platform referred to as a “Content Management System,” or CMS.

At its core, a CMS allows website managers to quickly add and modify content on their websites without making physical changes to the web server or files used to display pages—this is a boon to companies with busy IT personnel (or no IT personnel), since it enables content authors to publish their articles directly to the website, usually via a special administrative interface which requires little or no knowledge of HTML.

However, many modern CMS platforms go well beyond this basic functionality, providing capabilities such as workflow approval chains, pre-set publish and expire dates for content, support for multiple document types (PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, etc.), RSS feeds, blogs, forums, email notifications, integrated search, permissions-based access to content, user-generated content, and more. The most sophisticated systems can integrate with your company’s existing infrastructure, such as Active Directory or SharePoint.

So it’s not unusual for companies to feel overwhelmed when selecting a CMS. There are solutions for virtually every need and budget, and when the right packaged solution isn’t available, customization is always an option.

Based on our experience implementing many CMSs for many clients, here are some key points to keep in mind when selecting a CMS:

Below is a list of features and questions to help get you started with assessing your CMS needs. It is by no means exhaustive; during an engagement, SolutionSet will typically provide more in-depth guidance.

Content Editing Capabilities. Check all that apply:

Special Features

Technical Support (answer each question as completely as possible)



Although selecting a CMS platform for your website may seem overwhelming, taking the time to do a thorough job will leave you with a website that serves your company’s needs now and well into the future. And of course, we’re here to make the process as painless as possible.

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