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Project Governance – Or, by another name, Methodology

Posted @ 2:47 pm by Robert Balmaseda | Category: Digital Marketing, Web Development Process | 0 Comments

SolutionSet believes in a collaborative approach to conceiving, designing and developing solutions. It is imperative to develop the proposed solution with the client team, as they know their business best and it is SolutionSet’s role to blend its expertise with those of the client. SolutionSet pursues a blended Waterfall and Agile Methodology to Define, Design and Develop for Project the solution. This combined Methodology drives the SolutionSet Project Governance Processes.

The blended Waterfall and Agile Methodologies ensure a dynamic approach to delivering a solution against business requirements. The value in the Waterfall approach is emphasized in the Define and Design Phases, where it is imperative to document in a detailed and iterative manner “what” you are trying to build (the Requirements) and “how” you are going to build (Design Document) the desired solution. In the Development Phase, SolutionSet adopts a more collaborative Agile approach to developing the application. The value in this approach is that requirements are realized in components and individual issues are worked out while the larger application is built. This allows for dynamic reaction to requirements which may need to be realized in a fashion other than originally conceived.

In each case, a clear and concise project process is documented for both internal and client teams ensuring that all parties on are on the same page. Finally, it is imperative for a successful engagement to embrace the client throughout the process and delivering iterative versions of all deliverables to that the teams collaboratively build the solution. In this way, the client is part of the development of the solution.

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