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You are not alone!

Posted @ 12:41 pm by Frank Anan | Category: Technology, User Experience, Web Development Process | 0 Comments

Last week, I had the pleasure to attend some sessions at a fantastic event for anyone involved in or interested in good Web Development, An Event Apart: For People Who Make Websites. (NOTE: SolutionSet is a Sponsor.)

An Event Apart is a conference promoting a rational approach to all aspects of the User Experience — User Interface, Visual Design, and clean, standards-based coding. Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer, the founders/hosts of this conference are not strangers to anyone who claims to be at the top of the Web 2.0 game. Jeffrey wrote the book (literally) on Designing with Web Standards and Eric Meyer wrote the book (literally) on CSS: The Definitive Guide.

The conference featured talks by many of the leading advocates of good Web Development. My takeaway wasn’t that I learned any new tricks in better web design or coding practices, but the connection with the Community of people that believes in these ideas.

Sometimes, we feel alone, coming to work in the morning, preaching to our developers not to forget the “user experience” while building out the code, asking the designers to help us by designing clean and implementable visual ideas, and generally promoting the mantra of the UI designers that “The User Comes First!”

We at SolutionSet have been very lucky to build a community of designers and developers who understand that common sense is the best policy with regards all aspects of our business. We have been even more lucky to have clients who not only understand this approach, but sometimes even drive us further into it. It just seems like common sense to us.

Anyway, just as I felt from An Event Apart, I am not trying to teach anyone about good web practices in this post, but to let you know that if you try to use common sense in your web practice… you are not alone.

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