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Obama, President 2.0, and Hope for .Gov

Posted @ 11:45 am by Frank Anan | Category: Community & Social Media | 3 Comments

I arrived in NYC late last night, just in time to share in the euphoria around Obama being declared the “President-elect.” Of course, most of the punditry focused on the momentous occasion on the significance of a minority winning the presidency, the first time voters that Barack mobilized to the polls, and the hope that he will continue listening to the citizens of the U.S. and keep them engaged in the ongoing conversation of solving the great challenges we face both here at home and abroad.

I woke up this morning thinking about the last point and the incredible work he and his team did with his website. Not only did they offer the tools needed to drive his campaign and interact with his supporters, but they really did work to actively moderate the site’s content, use social media practices, leverage online community and web 2.0 technology, and give the feeling that his supporters and visitors to his website were helping to create it and Obama was listening.

My dream is that Obama will truly become President 2.0, a president that understands the power of the community and the Internet, and not leave his embrace of Technology for campaign purposes alone. We live in a time where people want to interact with the government and have their voices heard. Both tickets complained about the the power of the Washington lobbyists and big business, and we know the democratizing potential of the World-Wide-Web. It is my hope that the new Administration will make it a priority to utilize technology, along with the great human energy that powers it, to give people a voice in between election cycles when the real work should be getting done.

There will be more ideas to come on this topic. For now, I am interested to start the conversation with you, the readers of this blog, on specific Federal Government websites that work and those that don’t, which ones need to be created, and what needs to be fixed. Looking forward to your comments…

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