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The Future of the Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Posted @ 5:05 pm by Yusuf Asgerally | Category: User Experience | 0 Comments

For the everyday computer user, interaction with computers and all it has to offer has been via GUIs. We have seen GUIs change from the classic windows 3x in the 1990s to the much more sleeker looking interfaces of today, ranging from OSX to MS Vista to the various flavors of UNIX.

Web interfaces have seen an even more dramatic change. For those who remember the over sized green blinking titles and pink scrolling text of the early days of the Internet, the web 2.0 Ajax Internet of today is a much better place to be in.

So what about the future? What’s going to be the next web 2.0 hype?

Multi-touch interfaces and technologies to support that level of interaction have opened the gate to a whole new area of Natural User Interfaces, or NUIs. What exactly does NUI mean? Simply put, it’s designing interfaces that take advantage of action that come naturally to us, thereby drastically reducing the learning curve to understanding and learning to use a particular interface.

CNN showcased a lot of very exciting and fun new technologies and NUI interfaces during their coverage of the 2008 US presidential election day/night.

I found the following video clip that showcases some of the multi-touch capabilities that CNN demonstrated:

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With Microsoft coming out with the Surface, and HP launching its HP Touchsmart PC, we could be seeing a whole new era of interaction come alive, and may just find ourselves living in a reality that the movie Minority Report introduced us to.

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