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Developers’ Use of Browsers – IE Is Still King

Posted @ 11:26 pm by Alex Kaplinsky | Category: Technology | 0 Comments

browser statsRecently, a developer sent me a link gleefully  pointing out the downward trend in Internet Explorer 6.0 usage. Though I do not think anyone will be sorry to see the end of IE 6.0, as developers we need to understand the end use of our code.

A Wikipedia article compares many different sources for getting a good handle of what is being used in the market (and trends).

Though these stats vary greatly, IE is still generally 70%- 80% in most of the stats I see. Firefox is around 15-30%+ depending on which source you look at. For example, W3Schools is much more Firefox-friendly in its stats, but I suspect they base their statistics on their traffic, which is more web-developer-oriented, not overall web traffic.

What can we learn from this? Developers like Firefox more than the general public does — no surprise here.We like the add ons, the stricter adherence to standards, etc. The client, however, is customarily not a client, and neither is the audience.

As a developer, at SolutionSet or elsewhere, feel free to use whatever tools you like. Whatever your choice, however, the most important browser to look at your work in is still Internet Explorer. It is the standard that all your code should conform too. Developers too often deliver great work that is untested in Internet Explorer. I encourage all developers to regularly review all work in Internet Explorer and actually use it as the primary way to view the work currently being worked on.

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