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Taking a Dip Into the ASP.NET MVC Framework

Just as I was becoming comfortable playing in the familiar waters of web forms-based ASP.NET applications, Microsoft announced the release…

Multi-Part Messages and AJAX (MAJAX? MXHR?)

Digg has an article on their blog explaining their new MXHR technique for returning multi-part messages using AJAX. While their…

Moving to a Service Oriented Architecture

Many times clients come to us asking us to take over a “broken” website with “dubious” code that was developed…

Launching Into Maintenance

A website is an organic entity.  A lot of effort goes into the creation of the website, from the strategy,…

Microsoft Embracing Open Source?

Microsoft announced last week that it released its new web development product, ASP.Net MVC 1.0, as Open Source Software (OSS)….

Using Google’s AJAX Libraries API

Several months ago Google released an AJAX libraries API. Basically, Google collected the most popular JavaScript libraries (like Prototype.js and…

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