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Launching Into Maintenance

Posted @ 4:29 pm by Robert Balmaseda | Category: Web Development Process | 1 Comment

A website is an organic entity.  A lot of effort goes into the creation of the website, from the strategy, through the design and development leading to the launch.  However, once launched an equal amount of effort (at least 50% of the launch budget) needs to be allocated to the support and evolution of the website.  This is something that is often omitted from website planning efforts.

The plans and budgets for an initial website launch will be constrained by several factors according to the scope/purpose of the site. The constraints may come from scope, budget and/or availability of content, but will nevertheless force the marketing/web team to focus on the necessary elements within their control to be able to launch the site.  The simple fact is that there is never enough time or money to launch the “perfect” site and that a pragmatic approach to the scope will ultimately lead to success.

Once the site is launched, there will be several items (features, content, etc.) that did not make it into the launch.  Many of these items will be known, but an equal if not greater number will be unknown as the website has to evolve with the business.  When launching a web property, careful attention should be paid to developing a roadmap to further evolve the site.  This roadmap will vary substantially according to the nature of the site.  For simple sites, it will primarily be a content roadmap further expanding the content on the site.  For others it will be a long list of features which were not addressed in the initial site.  For all sites, it will be the ability to adapt to the business, revenue and marketing goals of the business.

Thus, we need to think of a website launch as the beginning of a journey, rather than an end in and of itself.

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