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Meeting Efficiency

Posted @ 4:00 pm by Alex Kaplinsky | Category: SolutionSet | 0 Comments

Meetings can chew up a lot of time. Time is money — for us, and for our clients. Recently, one person on my team (who has heard me rant about being on time) sent me this wonderful link.

I’ve been running this timer in the background during many of my meetings. Boy, do these things cost a lot.

So, here are my tips to meeting efficiency:

#1 – Be on time — and early, if you are the organizer. Always log into the web and phone portion a few minutes early if you’re the organizer. A few minutes of waiting for everyone to join can burn up hundreds of dollars of time.

#2 – Pre-book all regular meetings at the beginning of the project. This is for client meetings and internal scrums — if you book the whole project, then there will be fewer conflicts, re-schedules, etc. This will save countless hours in scheduling and re-scheduling.

#3 – Reduce the number of attendees to those who need to be there. The more people that go in the calculator, the higher the burn rate.

#4 – Plan an agenda before hand, assign times to topics and stick to them. This will allow people to come prepared and the organizer to keep everything on schedule.

Try these tips and use the calculator, but most of all, just be aware of the fact that time is money.

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