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It’s 2010 – do you know where your IE6 is?

Posted @ 9:47 am by Grady Kuhnline | Category: Technology | 0 Comments

SolutionSet has been carefully watching the browser market share for IE6 and there’s a promising trend: IE6 has lost more than 1% of the market every month in 2009. With only 5% of the market in the United States, IE6 now has fewer users than the latest version of Safari and an old version of Firefox. Globally, IE6 is faring much better, but even with 13% of the market it still dropped the same 1% per month that it did in the US. It will be interesting to see if the trend continues throughout 2010. Keep an eye on the Windows 7 market share as an indicator of what’s in store for IE6.

This news means that SolutionSet is now ready to phase IE6 off our list of browsers we support. Unless a project has IE6 as a specific technical requirement, supporting IE6 should be seen as an additional development cost that could potentially be avoided. Already it makes sense to deliver a degraded experience to IE6 for certain design elements such as rounded corners and drop-shadows. As major corporations start the slow upgrade to Windows 7, 2010 is shaping up to be the year that IE6 finally becomes a thing of the past.

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