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How to build your following on social sites

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People talk about your company in online communities all the time. Do you know what they’re saying on Twitter? — Facebook? — Amazon? — your own community site? Get a handle on the buzz, find out how you stack up against the competition, and play an active role in shaping public opinion — build a social media monitoring and engagement strategy. It’s the most critical step in delivering value back to your customers.

We’ve led community strategy and development initiatives for more than two dozen publicly traded companies. Our solution: Make it easy for your team to find out what’s being said, share intelligence, collaborate on responses, and engage the public. To make it happen, we build on the Jive platform. We’ve found it to be the most enterprise-ready social business platform for public and private communities. Thanks to the recent acquisition of Filtrbox, Jive has reached a new level of learning and engagement. Separate modules make it easy to:

Is it important to measure, track and optimize both market and direct engagement metrics. Market engagement is activity on third-party communities like Twitter, Facebook, and specialty industry sites, measuring your number of followers/fans, retweets, Facebook comments and links, and improved search engine ranking. Direct engagement happens on your own public-facing support site, partner site, or comment area. For example, keep track of the number of members in the community, unique visitors, page views, and subscribers to your blog’s RSS feed.

When you have the big picture, your teams can effectively engage customers. Ultimately, you’ll create the community of enthusiastic followers that evangelizes your brand and products.

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