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CSS Grids

Grids are a useful design tool that divide the page up into equally spaced vertical columns. The consistent horizontal spacing and…

The Five Pillars of Monitoring – Pillar One

This post is the first in a series of five that will be released over the next few weeks.  Today’s…

Magento eCommerce Imagine Conference Report

SolutionSet is a Magento Solutions partner focused primarily on Enterprise deployments. Over the past couple of years we’ve done a…

Doing Good in Your Neighborhood

A few years ago, I started developing SolutionSet’s local, non-profit work.  A number of the sites have been launched since…

How the Cloud Drives Technology Adoption

Since Michael Kunze first coined the acronym ‘LAMP’ in 1998, the Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP software stack for web…

Being Cloud

I often find myself discussing what it means to be a Cloud computing infrastructure, application, platform, or framework with clients…

Lengthening the CMO’s Lifecycle

Advertising Age has an article that every CMO should read: “Are Your Customers Holding You Back?”. The three authors—Rajesh Chandy,…

The 5th P

“Every industry is going to get fundamentally rethought and designed around people.”- Mark Zuckerberg  “By 2016, social technologies will be…

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