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Magento eCommerce Imagine Conference Report

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SolutionSet is a Magento Solutions partner focused primarily on Enterprise deployments. Over the past couple of years we’ve done a several community deployments and are currently working on two interesting enterprise deployments of Magento and migrations from other platforms to Magento when necessary.

Last week we had two SolutionSet team members from development and systems engineering representing at the Magento Imagine conference in Los Angeles.  This wasn’t a minor feat, as the conference was sold out overbooked by over ~30%!  This conference was the first for the company, and they did a good job.  One thing was very clear at the conference:  Magento, the company, is growing very quickly and future prospects seem good overall.  The highlights from the conference floor were:

MagentoGo Release – The release of a hosted platform targeted at entry level stores.  This will compete directly with the likes of Shopify, BigCommerce. and others.  For Magento overall this fills out an array of adoption levels that range from very small hosted to highly available larger scale enterprise class deployments.  It’s a bit early to offer much more opinion on this service.  There is much more information on their site.  It’s speculated that stores will start at about $15 per month.  The full list of Magento products/services is now:

  • Magento Community/Professional
  • Magento Enterprise
  • MagentoGO
  • MagentoMobile

Community is the only version that is opensource under the OSL 3.0 license.

Improvements to Magento Mobile – Updates to the mobile line of products to help your company start integrating mobile devices into the shopping experience.  I personally did not get to see the demo, as I was busy chatting with many interesting people at the time, but there was major excitement about the iPad in particular and you can pick up more information from their blog.

Performance Improvements to Enterprise – A handful of performance improvements have been applied to the Enterprise 1.9 version that was just released. There was a specific focus on data importing.  Previous versions of Magento were reported to be a bit on the slow side importing large catalogs.  Significant improvements have been made to that part of the platform.  Additionally there are improvements to page caching, gift registries, and more.

Partner Program – The partner program has been rebooted.  SolutionSet is an Enterprise Partner, and we have been for a while.  Overall, the changes should be positive.

Support – Both partner and client support have gotten major overhauls and major expansion. It is clear that Magento is investing heavily in people for the future.

Training Programs – The Magento training programs have gotten a major update for developers/partners, line of business, and end user clients.  The program is still young but it is growing.  SolutionSet was pleased to be a part of the first round of pilot training that led to these new classes.  They also have certifications programs coming online soon.

It’s still early in the game for Magento, and it is still a young product, but it is making great strides quickly.  It’s easy to get behind it from a features and functionality point of view.  At the larger end of the eCommerce transaction spectrum, Magento still has work to do to make it easier to run larger and much more complex eCommerce environments.  That said, there are ways to work with the current releases to make thing scale reasonably well and significant commitments to continue improving over time.

Overall, the conference was informative, and the Magento suite of products is an eCommerce platform that shows a lot of promise.  SolutionSet is actively working on multiple stores for our clients that you’ll hear more about as they launch. I also expect to see many more in the future.

Shortly after I got back from the conference I also noticed this news release about investment in Magento by eBay/Paypal.

If you have questions about any potential or existing Magento implementations that you’d like us to help you answer, please reach out to us at magento@solutionset.com.  If you want to test out a hosted demo then please see the one available on the Magento web site.

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