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Delivering Social Content Management

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Our partners Jive Software and Alfresco today announced a partnership to bring the best of breed content management and social business software together for customers. The release also mentions:

The companies are collaborating with Jive consulting partner, SolutionSet, to deliver an Alfresco-Jive connector that brings enterprise-class repository functionality to Jive content and allows Alfresco content to behave as native Jive content. 

SolutionSet has successfully helped hundreds of enterprise customers sort through the strategic and architectural decisions involved in implementing content management systems.  We have also designed and implemented more enterprise-scale social community and collaboration platforms than just about any interactive agency.  We are leveraging this expertise to help Jive and Alfresco, two market leaders, build the necessary technologies and strategic frameworks to bring the best of social and content management together.

So why do we think this is important?

First, very simply, what is important to our customers is important to us.  Our job is to solve problems.  Virtually every customer we work with has deployed a sophisticated content management system.  And Alfresco has grown as fast as anyone in that space.  In the past two years, we’ve seen social platforms adopted at an unprecedented rate.  Jive in particular has emerged as the clear leader in social business software for the enterprise.  There is a strong overlap in these customer bases, and increasingly they are demanding a best of breed offering.

Second, this best of breed approach is one that we think will increasingly become the norm.  I started building web infrastructure in the mid-90s when websites were nothing more than a set of HTML pages.  As these sites grew and became unmanageable, a new platform called “content management systems” (CMS) emerged.  Fast forward a couple of years and this new thing called “e-commerce” emerged.  At first, e-commerce was simply thought of as a content management system with a shopping cart and a catalog.  But as e-commerce functionality matured, it became de facto to marry your content management system with a full e-commerce platform. Most clients are in a similar position today.

When “social” was just a discussion forum and some tagging features, it could easily be bolted onto the feature set of a CMS.  And many CMS vendors have taken this approach.  But similar to the e-commerce lesson, enterprises are quickly understanding social as an entirely new platform and user experience, with complicated needs demanding a comprehensive platform.

From the beginning, Jive took a platform approach to social business software and has continued to innovate with their apps marketplace and APIs to enable integrations like we are deploying in conjunction with Alfresco.  SolutionSet has developed a series of tools and methodologies to help enterprises understand and take advantage of these new types of best of breed offerings.  By connecting market leaders like Jive and Alfresco, we see an opportunity for customers to realize the vision of truly social content management.

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