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IE10? I thought IE9 just came out?

Posted @ 5:46 pm by Grady Kuhnline | Category: Technology | 0 Comments

2011 is shaping up to be a very exciting year as far as browsers are concerned. With the final release of the new Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 within a week of each other, both Mozilla and the Microsoft IE team have adopted more aggressive release strategies similar to what Google Chrome has been doing. While neither Firefox or IE are expected to follow Google’s 6 weeks release cycle, Firefox has adopted the unusual version numbering scheme of Chrome and Microsoft has just announced the first previews of Internet Explorer 10.

For web developers, these latest releases and commitments from the main browser vendors means that technologies like HTML5 are going to be ready for the mass market much sooner. Anyone passingly familiar with web development since about 2005 has heard about Internet Explorer 6 and many of its well-documented issues. Microsoft has now joined the chorus and started pushing for IE6 users to upgrade.

Although it is very good news that Internet Explorer is going to try and remain competitive with Firefox and Chrome, this new preview release for IE10 has only tiny handful of new features and it is still far behind the cutting edge for CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

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