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Moving at the Speed of Cloud

Posted @ 4:36 pm by Kent Langley | Category: Big Data, Cloud Computing, Technology | 0 Comments

The majority of my work in the last three years or so has been all about receiving, getting, pushing, pulling, and generally wrangling streams of data (mostly social data) for the purposes of analytics, comparison, or saving across a broad range of products and services for startups (one of my own) and Fortune 500 companies. It’s been keeping me busy. All of this for the ultimate reason of helping businesses make better and more well informed decisions about products, services, and more.

During this time, my colleagues and I have developed the relationships, partnerships, technology stacks, and processes necessary to deliver these types of applications very quickly and at a high quality level. This has been fun all in all and something for which demand seems to be growing quickly.

To give a sense of the technology “stack” I’ve mostly settled on for solving these types of problems, we are using:

That’s just a high level snapshot of course; there are a lot of details down inside each of those items from favored libraries to DB clients and configuration management frameworks.

The best part for me is that it seems like for the first time in a long time many businesses seem to understand and believe in the value of the application of technology to solving business problems as a first order task.

The drive for big data aggregation and analytics is a natural evolution of the maturation of cloud computing as both a technology and a service/process. The continued evolution of programming languages, application frameworks, and even the general understanding of distributed service-oriented architectures and how to program REST API’s is all improving at such an incredible rate that it’s just an awesome time to be creating software.

So much of what we are doing now has been “around” in one form or another for a long time. The science in computer science laid the foundations quite some time ago. It’s only now that so much is becoming so accessible and the information on how to use all these tools is readily available.

I read a recent article/survey posted to that said the cloud is still three years away from its full impact. The first cloud camp, where I did a session on developing for the cloud, was in 2008. That’s only four years ago and look how much has changed! Awesome.

From where I sit, this is an exciting time with nearly unlimited possibilities. Ideas are critical. Execution is just as important. If you want to talk about any of these things I’m usually found either in San Francisco or San Rafael, so let’s chat! Good times!


Author: Kent Langley is a Vice President at SolutionSet. This post was originally published on Kent’s blog,

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