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How the California Lottery Site Keeps Winning Big

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The new California Lottery site is continuing to rack up awards, but the two we’re most proud of are the Webby and Sitecore awards, both of which recognize not just design, or technology, or any one aspect of a site but its overall success. Integrating infrastructure, messaging and design is always a big part of our approach and it was especially so with the CA Lottery site.

The Lottery initially approached SolutionSet because its sites were challenged from an architectural standpoint. Any time there was an uptick in traffic, sites would crash. Posting accurate winning numbers was also an issue, and potentially a very costly one. Given past problems, they came to us simply wanting a site that could deliver accurate winning numbers and that wouldn’t crash under a heavy load of traffic.

As we began discussing ways to address this need, however, we discovered the potential for the site to go further in its support of the Lottery’s mission, which is not just to mint new millionaires, but to make an impact on California’s public schools. It’s important for the site to encourage and support all of the Lottery’s various games, of course, but the existing site was missing the opportunity to remind people that every Lotto purchase was going to a good cause and that over $1 billion dollars are contributed annually.

We architected a system that integrated seamlessly with the Lottery’s back office and that scaled elegantly. When the Lottery had its largest jackpot ever, and the largest in North American history—the $640,000 MEGA Millions® jackpot in March 2012—the new site supported 12 million jackpot enthusiasts visiting in search of information and winning numbers. Even in the course of the current Powerball fever, the site is performing beautifully.


California Lottery homepage showing record-breaking 640 Mega Millions jackpot

California Lottery homepage showing the record-breaking $640,000,000 MEGA Millions jackpot


We used Sitecore because it enabled us to essentially create content modules that can easily be moved, replicated, and managed, which helps the CA Lottery marketing staff to manage content delivery and generation without deep involvement from their tech team.

And we helped bring their most compelling message—that even if you don’t win the jackpot, your money is helping to keep California schools going—to the forefront. The partnership was so successful on every level that, in addition to the awards, our contract was renewed and we are currently working with the CA Lottery and its back-office solution provider to re-architect the Lottery’s Second Chance site. It’s a win all the way around.


Author: Robert Balmaseda, Senior Vice President at SolutionSet, leads strategic planning of digital projects with an emphasis on solving our clients marketing and communications challenges through integrated brand and technology solutions.

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