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Tips from a Type-A Toolbox

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There are different types of people in the world, with different types of characteristics or personalities. There is one type of person that has to be always in control of time or tasks and we shall call them Type-A. Being a Type-A means getting on top of work and having everything under control. Time plays an antagonist role in the life of people who need it most. There are tools available for task management, planning and overall tracking of your life. The tools that will be discussed below will help you achieve or maintain your Type-A status.

Never miss an idea; never miss a dream. Now you can write and keep record of everything with Evernote. It is the perfect way to keep ideas, and anything worthy of being remembered, in check. Share notes with anyone! With a paid membership you can share notes. The people who you’ve shared with will be able to view and edit them. Keep track of activity on any given note to know what has been changed. Just like when you were in school, you can share the whole notebook or a single note inside a notebook. You have version and integrity control over your files.

Evernote Figure 1

The Evernote service is a beautiful mix between usability and aesthetics. Simplicity is the keyword that defines the Evernote apps and website. Not on your computer? No problem, you can use the Evernote web version that has the same functionality as a full-fledged software for any computer. Are you on your smartphone? Evernote supports all the big hitters like iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. With a paid membership you can get offline access in mobile devices as well. Want to keep an email in Evernote? The service provides you with your own email address so you can upload it as a note. You can add it to a notebook, set a reminder and even tag it using key commands in the subject line. The boring notebook that we used in school is no longer enough; we now have Evernote to take care of our memory needs.
Evernote Logo
Price: Free.
Optional Membership: Monthly $5, $45 Annually.
Available in: OSX, Windows, iOS, Android and WP8.


Forget the pen and pad! To-do lists on paper are a thing of the past. Wunderlist is the present, and most likely future, way of tracking the completion of tasks you need to remember. Wunderlist is an easy and useful to-do list on steroids. You add to a list whatever task you need to do and it creates bullet-like tasks that can be toggled between done and not done. You can share the list with anyone on Facebook or email and they can mark items as done or see what has to be done. Using Wunderlist you can set the due date and reminders for whatever you are trying to accomplish. Sometimes a task is as straightforward as going to the supermarket and getting milk. Sometimes you have to go through a series of tasks in order to complete one task. Wunderlist provides the ability to add subtasks and notes inside complicated tasks to help you accomplish your goals in a clean and timely manner.

Wunderlist Figure 1

You can sit at your computer and write up whatever you need to buy at the grocery store to bake a cake or what you need to do during the weekend. Wunderlist has software for Mac OSX and Windows Operating systems. There is no need to print the list, Wunderlist also has market apps for Android and iOS, which provide the full functionality just like the webpage. Your to-dos are synced across all devices that have your account. Let the in-app and email notifications keep you on track so you can accomplish any set task. Never again forget the milk at the grocery store.

Wunderlist logoPrice: Free.
Optional Membership: Monthly $5, $45 Annually.
Available in: OSX, Windows, iOS, Android.


Since the Mayans, Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory XIII the calendar has been an integral part of society. Living in the 21st century we rely heavily on it to plan our lives and manage our time. Tech giant Google created their own calendar application as simple and as powerful as calendars go. The design of the calendar service is not as aesthetically pleasing as others may be but it makes up for it in usability. Like everything Google, the calendar is carried across platforms and devices. The calendar is tied in to the email account and can be configured on Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 as well as iCal, native OSX application, and other Windows counterparts.

Google Calendar Figure 1

The web page is the star and heart of the service because most functionality and power is inside it. Google Calendar offers multiple, calendars for the same account. You can create as many as you need. For example you can have work calendar with meetings and deadlines while having one for play that show you as busy on workdays and free on the weekend all the while having the vacation calendar in construction by multiple people. Have one calendar for work, one for play, and one for in between. The sharing capabilities are not too shabby either since you can, virtually, share your calendar with anyone or set the level of access they have over it. Get notified when activities on your calendar are coming up and never miss an important date. You can import and export the calendar file as well which means that you can plug it in different software to never lose your calendar. Stop marking X’s on the wall calendar and start marking changes with your newly found time.

Google Calendar logoPrice: Free.
Available in: OSX, Windows, iOS, Android, WP8 and more.



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