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It’s Time for Social Media Managers to Get Some Social Skills

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Sales guys have known for years that one of the keys to closing a deal is to always keep your customer talking. Keep the conversation going. It was the key to door-to-door sales 50 years ago, it’s been fundamental for small businesses for years, and now it’s the name of the game in social marketing. Marketing is no longer about campaigns and projects. It’s about keeping a dialogue going with your customers, and building more of them via word of mouth — or in 2013′s case, Tweet.

That means businesses need thoughtful consultants who think long-tail, and for whom the media blitz has not just turned into mindless micro-blogging and messaging. They need to bring conversational tones back into social media messaging, to remember the people behind the Twitter accounts and engage them in real conversations. And not just about the latest product or service they’re selling, but about anything that ties into the company’s brand. About things on the periphery. Things that matter to people.

Just as it would be considered rude to walk up to someone at a party and start speaking about yourself, brands need to use their social channels to show some actual social skills. Ask an influencer what he or she thinks about something related to their field of expertise that’s particularly controversial. Ask a client what he or she thinks about Facebook’s recent decision to make it harder to search for users by name. Ask, listen, and respond meaningfully. You care. You should.

Depersonalization is fairly rampant with today’s panoply of social media options (and the technology-driven employees who work these accounts). A brand can easily seem like a self-obsessed robot in its feed. Your followers, if you have any, are not targets to be hit with pointy arrows. See them, rather, as potential friends you’d like to invite into your circle because they seem socially attractive. You want to get to know them, and start talking.

So personalize, and build relationships through conversations that never end. The more constant you can make them, the more effective your digital marketing will be.

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