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Facebook Is Losing the World’s Teens to Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and … Google Plus?

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After denying it for months, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally admitted yesterday that the social media site has seen a steady decline in teen usage over the past year, particularly with very young teens. Between highly publicized privacy issues, an increase in ads, and teens themselves taking to the blogosphere to diss Facebook as “their mom’s social network,” Facebook is now officially admitting to having a teen problem. Not that it cares. After all, Zuckerberg told The Atlantic last month that he doesn’t care about being cool.

But if teens aren’t hanging out on Facebook, where are they? Okay, so first off, Facebook still posts higher numbers of teen users than any of the other sites, despite the fact that its popularity is waning. Twitter is now more popular than Facebook, according to both recent Pew research and the latest Piper Jaffray study, with Instagram close behind and Snapchat and Vine gaining ground. And guess what? Google+, which has all but been forgotten in discussions of “popular” social media sites these days, is something of a ringer in the teen department. Orkut, Google’s first social network and still the outside-the-US version of Google+, has 85% of global social media users in their teens and 20s, with the highest usage in Brazil and India. According to a recent study by SEO firm IAcquire and digital survey provider Survey Monkey (see infographic below), using Neilsen statistics and Google Analytics, younger social media users are also fairly active on sites such as social news aggregator Reddit, open-source software development hub Github, and crowd-sourced art site DeviantArt.

Could it be that teens are deeper than we give them credit for? Sure, they’ve perfected the art of the selfie, but they’re also down on over-sharing and social media “drama.” All of which means companies looking to market to teens may need to start rethinking their social strategies.


Study by iAcquire and Survey Monkey

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