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Giving Real Estate a Digital Edge

Posted @ 12:16 pm by Robert Balmaseda | Category: CMS, Creative Design, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Sitecore | 0 Comments

If you’ve looked for a house recently, you’ve probably noticed that the quality of listing sites varies widely, as do the brochures and digital presentations you’ll see at open houses. If you’ve sold a house recently, the quality differences are even more apparent. In the majority of cases, even the same real estate company will have vastly different styles and quality levels across different listings and media. Pacific Union– the leading luxury real-estate brand in Northern California–saw an opportunity here to further establish itself as a modern, innovative leader in the real estate industry.

With 525 agents and 24 offices in the digitally obsessed Bay Area, Pacific Union had a clear vision to embrace the digital world and exit the legacy constraints of the industry’s largely print-based marketing collateral and sales presentations. The company wanted to inspire its real estate professionals, who will generate more than $5 billion in sales volume in 2013, to further separate themselves from the “sea of same” in the residential real estate industry by giving them cutting-edge digital tools that no one else in the industry has. To deliver that level of innovation, Pacific Union needed to develop and own its own digital client-engagement tool.

The firm asked SolutionSet to develop a tool that would enable its real estate professionals to convey key information in a digital, highly interactive way. The tool needed to integrate seamlessly with external databases and data feeds from MLS services; offer three levels of output for presentations: iPad, web, and print; offer a streamlined, simple user interface that would enable even tech-averse real estate professionals to successfully create listing presentations in a matter of minutes; and provide consistent formatting and brand identity (including look and feel) across all presentations while preserving some level of agent customization. And it needed to be up and running in three months.

With an aggressive timeline and a desire to integrate with various data feeds and platforms, SolutionSet opted to build the tool on the Sitecore platform. This solution enabled Pacific Union to apply consistent brand formatting across presentations and reduced the time required to produce presentations. Various customization options are also available so that, within the consistent brand framework, real estate professionals still have the ability to personalize their presentations. Equally as important, presentations can now be shared across multiple media, including web, iPad, PDF and printouts. The iPad version (see below) was designed to function offline as well, so real estate professionals can use it in any environment.

The new application has reduced the time required for Pacific Union staff to produce presentations from 45-60 minutes to 15 minutes or less and, more importantly, enabled the production of high-quality, modern digital sales and marketing materials that stand out from the rest of the pack. While all presentations are consistent with the brand’s visual identity, Pacific Union real estate professionals are pleased with the amount of customization they still have. In addition to all the practical benefits, being the agents who show up with a slick iPad presentation instead of a paper printout automatically differentiates Pacific Union and underscores its position as a modern, innovative brand.


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