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Americans Don’t Want to Share Social Security Numbers, But Feel Okay About Being Tracked Online

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Several reports and polls on consumer attitudes toward privacy online have come out over the past few months, and we’ve culled some of the more interesting data points in the chart below. For some reason, Americans still have a hang-up about sharing their social security numbers online (guess what, folks: Any baddie who wants your SSN can find it easily enough anyway), but pretty much accept being tracked online as the price of admission for the interwebs. One of the more surprising findings–from the Pew Charitable Trust’s latest report on consumer attitudes toward privacy–is that despite all those cautionary tales of how those party pics on your Facebook page could cost you a job someday, only 1% of Americans polled had lost a job or job opportunity because of something they posted online, or something posted about them online. Granted, those are the people who knew that was the reason, but still it’s a surprisingly small number.

Privacy Diagram (1)

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