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Digital Media Goes Mainstream

Last night’s Emmy Awards was an important milestone in media as Netflix, an online only distributor, won a primetime Emmy…

Tips from a Type-A Toolbox

There are different types of people in the world, with different types of characteristics or personalities. There is one type…

2013 Interactive Media Award Best in Class
Congrats to the SolutionSet Teams on Earning Four Best in Class Awards

The results are in: SolutionSet earned four 2013 Best in Class awards from the Interactive Media Council. Our work for…

It’s All About the Numbers: Digital Marketing for Financial Services Institutions

This is part one of two on our series on how Financial Services firms can leverage web and mobile technologies…

Recipes for All-Nighters at the Office (Part 1: Music)

Every once in a while, there comes a time when your team needs to pull a few all-nighters to meet…

12 Questions with Dave Kilimnik

1. What’s your role at SolutionSet? I lead our Social Business Practice. The name comes from our original focus on…

12 Questions with Tiara Moske

1. What’s your role at SolutionSet? My title is Director of Knowledge Management and Operations, but what it means is…

sitecore partner
On Stage at the Sitecore Symposium 2012

Speaking of Sitecore . . . This week a crew of us from SolutionSet are heading to the 2012 Sitecore…

jiveworld12 thumbnail
Notes from the Road: JiveWorld12

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending Jive Software’s annual conference known as JiveWorld. This is nothing new of…

12 Questions with Brian Lee

1. What’s your role at SolutionSet? I’m a .NET Technical Lead and Developer. Typically, I take a customer’s requirements and…

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