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12 Questions with Robert Balmaseda

Robert recently wrote about SolutionSet winning five Interactive Media Awards and now he shares a bit of his story. 1….

2012 IMA Winner
Congrats to Our Teams Who Won Interactive Media Awards

At SolutionSet, each day we are focused on helping clients meet their strategic business, marketing, and technology goals by implementing…

Five User Experience Lessons from Usability Testing Jive Social Business Platform

“Concentrate on the relationships, not the technologies.” —  Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies by Charlene Li…

Skills needed by the CMO in the future

Yahoo! asked me to share key trends for CMOs over the next five years. The challenge, of course, was to…

Magento eCommerce Imagine Conference Report

SolutionSet is a Magento Solutions partner focused primarily on Enterprise deployments. Over the past couple of years we’ve done a…

Doing Good in Your Neighborhood

A few years ago, I started developing SolutionSet’s local, non-profit work.  A number of the sites have been launched since…

Lengthening the CMO’s Lifecycle

Advertising Age has an article that every CMO should read: “Are Your Customers Holding You Back?”. The three authors—Rajesh Chandy,…

Online Sustainability Reporting and Engagement — A Trend That’s Here to Stay

This is the time of year when many organizations issue their CSR reports. One of the most significant trends we…

Frequency or Loyalty? Which should it be?

I had a spirited debate with a senior marketing person recently over lunch — a debate that almost involved us chucking…

Art of project management – updated with primers and tomes

A project manager is a combination client manager, strategist, team lead, qa lead, and more–and plays an integral role in…

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