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When Skeletons Walk

The walking skeleton is a metaphor that we use to describe early-stage technology deliverables. According to Cockburn (2004), the walking…

Responsive Websites

The hot trend in web development today is responsive design—using the same website for your mobile and desktop experiences. In…

The Absolute Minimum Programmers Need to Know About Databases

Generally speaking, in modern programming there are three primary tiers: the visual presentation, the business logic layer, and the persistence…

Easy Way to Transform a Twitter OAuth Library into a Symfony 2 Bundle

I had to implement Twitter OAuth for a project built with Symfony 2. The framework itself made this task very…

Static Site Generators and Rapid Prototyping

At SolutionSet, it’s common for our front-end developers (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) to build out a static version of a…

Going Green in My New EV

I took my new EV camping and plugged it into a tree! I recently purchased an electric vehicle. And I…

Choosing A-Grade Browsers

I have a personal obsession with browser market share. Ostensibly, the point of studying market share is to tease out…

A Gentle Nudge for Users of Outdated Browsers

Is it safe to encourage your users to upgrade from their old browser? Only your own site’s browser stats can…

Creating a Legacy… What Does?

December 8, 1980. 9.15 AM. Mumbai, India. Heard on the radio that John Lennon was assassinated. For a 17 year-old,…

Making Friends with Your Inner – and Outer – Geeks

As a bit of a nerdy, geeky type myself, I’ve advocated that CMOs make friends with their inner geek. Why,…

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