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Jive 7: Moving Beyond Buzz to Deliver Useful Collaboration to the Enterprise

Jive released its latest update, Jive 7, at Jive World 2013 in October, unveiling some key fixes to long-standing issues…

Performance Considerations of Adaptive Design: Part 2

As discussed in part 1 of this article, media queries are so easy to use that we can now deliver…

Performance Considerations of Adaptive Design: Part 1

Everybody wants a flexible or ‘responsive’ UI these days. As the proliferation of smart phones and tablets are on the…

Making a Platform Your Own: Building Purpose-Built Apps from Generic Platforms

As publishing and collaboration tools have matured over the past few years, it has become more and more common for…

Responsive Websites

The hot trend in web development today is responsive design—using the same website for your mobile and desktop experiences. In…

Trends in Web Design: Long Scrolling Pages and Sticky Navigation

Long scrolling pages are all the rage and something that I’ve recommended to a number of our clients. It was…

How to Approach a UX Redesign

A new website or app is like a birth. So much planning, thought, sweat, and possible tears went into its…

Five User Experience Lessons from Usability Testing Jive Social Business Platform

“Concentrate on the relationships, not the technologies.” —  Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies by Charlene Li…

Eight Web Form Design Best Practices

By the SolutionSet User Experience Team Filling in a form is a task we deal with every day as web…

Form Layouts: Rethinking the Postal Address

Postal addresses are one of the most basic form elements we encounter on the web, and not much has been…

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