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Promoting Change. Inviting Change.

The history of the Web has seen many milestones. Netscape. Amazon. Craigslist. Blogs. Wikis. People finding love.  People inventing new…

The Future of the Graphical User Interface (GUI)

For the everyday computer user, interaction with computers and all it has to offer has been via GUIs. We have…

Requirements document structure

We’ve been spending a lot of time working on our requirements document template here at SolutionSet.  My previous post about…

You are not alone!

Last week, I had the pleasure to attend some sessions at a fantastic event for anyone involved in or interested…

Facebook Restores Its Face

As we all know, Facebook is in the process of rolling out a new user experience design in order to…

Writing the Same Widget in Prototype and YUI

The Widget – AutoComplete The widget I was writing was a user-friendly auto-complete widget similar to what Facebook uses. It…

Usability Best Practices: Persona Development

I briefly mentioned the word Personas in my earlier post on Card Sorting and the fact that it played an…

Card Sorting: Its Role in User Centered Design

Card sorting is a well known tool in Usability circles for determining content organization and ultimately informing the site architecture,…

Of Well Designed Bread

We don’t usually think much of “breaking” bread with friends and family. Between tinkling glasses, interesting conversation and passed salad…

HTML Based Sitemap

I have been meaning to get back to doing an HTML-based sitemap recently. I found one I liked online at:…

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