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Jive 7: Moving Beyond Buzz to Deliver Useful Collaboration to the Enterprise

Jive released its latest update, Jive 7, at Jive World 2013 in October, unveiling some key fixes to long-standing issues…

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How the California Lottery Site Keeps Winning Big

The new California Lottery site is continuing to rack up awards, but the two we’re most proud of are the…

MVC Doesn’t Always Mean ORM

In the world of web development there has been a steady movement toward the monolithic open source MVC framework, especially…

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When Skeletons Walk

The walking skeleton is a metaphor that we use to describe early-stage technology deliverables. According to Cockburn (2004), the walking…

Agile in a Professional Services Environment

This post describes the agile development process we follow in the Social Business Practice. Below, I describe elements of the…

Real World Keys to Practicing Agile

Agile process is great in theory, but can be tough to implement in practice. This is especially true in large,…

CSS Grids

Grids are a useful design tool that divide the page up into equally spaced vertical columns. The consistent horizontal spacing and…

Magento eCommerce Imagine Conference Report

SolutionSet is a Magento Solutions partner focused primarily on Enterprise deployments. Over the past couple of years we’ve done a…

The rise of JS based charting solutions

Our clients often want to represent data visually, either on internal dashboards or with client facing graphics. We have produced…

Art of project management – updated with primers and tomes

A project manager is a combination client manager, strategist, team lead, qa lead, and more–and plays an integral role in…

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