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Optimizing your workflow as a front end developer

Harder, better, faster, stronger Working in a fast-paced environment on a stressful project with a short timeline can easily take…

5 Tips for Startups

This month saw the sad passing of Patrick Swayze after a remarkable fight with cancer.  I was struck by the…

Moving to a Service Oriented Architecture

Many times clients come to us asking us to take over a “broken” website with “dubious” code that was developed…

Launching Into Maintenance

A website is an organic entity.  A lot of effort goes into the creation of the website, from the strategy,…

Reskin or Rebuild?

Often times, clients will come to us with new designs and antiquated technologies. This is typically the case where a…

A Better Selling Model

Here at SolutionSet, we pride ourselves on honesty.  But I’m about to reveal the one lie we tell everyday. Almost…

3 rules for your home page and more…

A friend and mentor, Mike Yapp, often spoke to clients about his three questions (Yapp’s three rules) that any home…

Does This Information Make Me Look Fat?

I have found the best definition of graphic design is: a visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to…

Requirements document structure

We’ve been spending a lot of time working on our requirements document template here at SolutionSet.  My previous post about…

You are not alone!

Last week, I had the pleasure to attend some sessions at a fantastic event for anyone involved in or interested…

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